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About Me

Photo: Shona Marsh

Isla Marsh

Hey, I'm Isla. 

Growing up in the British countryside, I had the opportunity to roam around as a feral child, with a curfew of 'come home when you get hungry'. This is most likely where my love of all things outdoorsy and natural began. 

Being outside in nature makes me feel very at home and free. There is no sense of 'I should be somewhere else's or 'I don't have time'.

I am a ski and snowboard instructor, working in France, australia and Japan, which is a job that involves long haul flights. Not something that's great for the environment, but something I love and that brings me joy, so I'm learning to balance my life with my love for sustainability and protecting the planet.

I guess, for me, this sustainable blog is a look back on how I started my education on climate change and sustainability but also the education I'm still getting. My path to becoming more sustainable is constantly evolving, so I hope you enjoy evolving with me!